torstai 26. kesäkuuta 2014

Olutkellari & TuhoMuho presents: Suarez Triple IPA!

Suarez Triple IPA - desingn by TuhoMuho
 "Forget lazy IPAs and tame double IPAs – this bastard bites you at least three times harder! TIPA with loads of freshest quality hops and strong 10 ABV body is burst with a huge amount of stupidity, tons of foolishness and finished with an amazing talent. You’re gonna either hate it or love it but one thing is for sure – this TIPA hasn’t said it’s last word yet! Lightning never strikes the same place twice? 

Best enjoyed in good company or served with Dutch, Serbian or Italian cuisine. But be aware – it bites back! "

A beer which needs no introduction! You all know the deal... In co-operation with Olutkellari beer blog and TuhoMuho!

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